About US

Welcome to Serenity Eco Farm.

We are glad you came by and want to share with you wonderful experiences that will enrich your life.


We are a family-run business and provide experiences related to nature, green living, and wellness.​


We live a sustainable life as much as we can and we produce our own organic food, cleaning and personal care products, and aim to produce as few waste as possible. ​This is a concept where frugal life comes in first place. 

Get to know all our wellness services, retreats and farm activities, and if you would like to do any of these, please contact us and book in advance.

"Cheerfulness keeps up a kind of daylight in the mind, filling it with a steady and perpetual serenity. "


-Joseph Addison-

What People Say



Tranquil, cozy, inspiring. Beautifully decorated. Full of positive energy. Home away from home!
Off the beaten track, yet just in the middle of everything: culture, nature, religion... you name it! Beach is not that far away either. If you are as eager to explore the world around as me, Serenity Eco Farm is just the right place: the region has so much to offer, but there are almost no tourists there, so that you can actually submerge into it and do things your way.
Should you prefer to stay home, go for the yoga studio or spoil yourself with a sound massage and enjoy the silence.



Such an amazing place! Beautiful view of the countryside from the back terrace where you can take a nap in a hammock or have your morning coffee with a view. Learn all about sustainable farming, medicinal plants, and DIY tricks from Ana. And of course yoga, sound massage, and sound bath concerts in the beautiful new studio. Speaking of the sound massage and concerts- that is what makes this place unique. They don’t just offer yoga, but also Ana is trained in using the singing bowls which isn’t something you see in every yoga place! I had never experienced this before but I found so much peace and good energy from the sounds. Finally, there are many natural parks for hiking in the area to enjoy the nature away from busy Lisbon. Thanks serenity eco farm for my relaxing weekend :)