Yoga & Wellness Retreats

Our retreats are a great opportunity to relax, restore body, mind and soul, and learn to take better care of yourself.

When to retreat 

Deep in our souls we know when we need a retreat. We know when it is time to stop, move away from our daily rhythm and reconnect with ourselves, through silence, contemplation, and contact with nature.

The fast pace we live in leaves no time for taking care of ourselves as we need and the outcome is many times exaustion, suffering, unhappiness, and loss of purpose of life. Being aware of what is happening within us is the first step towards the change.

We know that this moment has come when we finally say Yes to ourselves, when we no longer deny or postpone the need to find balance and do something positive to lead happier, meaningful lives.

Our retreats

Our retreats are prepared with care and consciousness to bring you a time and space where you can stop, wind down, find time for yourself, and learn new perspectives and matters to guide you through an invigorating path.


Every person is unique and receives personalized attention. Every detail is thought so that you have a supportive and safe experience in a beautiful and tranquil atmosphere.

Each retreat is a deep experience and a journey into the depth of your being. Honour this time of connection and reflection you have given to yourself.

MindfuL Living


Massage therapy


sound & Silence  


If you would like to come to our place but are not looking for a group retreat experience you may like to check our Wellness Weekend.

Take a short break

to live longer


  • Rejuvenate body and mind

  • Develop skills to deal better with difficulties of day-to-day life

  • Learn to take better care of yourself

  • Eat healthy

  • Relax in contact with nature

  • Practice Yoga safely, whatever your level is  

Who are these retreats for?

  • Our retreats are suitable to every single person and do not require prior experience or training

  • Anyone who wants to start or deepen their practice

  • Anyone interested in learning techniques to reduce levels of stress and anxiety

  • Anyone seeking for healthier habits

  • Anyone who is committed to change their lives and wishes to learn more about these practices


What to Expect from our retreats

Meal Deliveries

LiveBetter provides a Meal Delivery Service to a number of regions across Central Queensland and Wide Bay including Mackay, Rockhampton, Capricorn Coast and Bundaberg. We use meal providers to give our customers more choices on healthy foods. Our menu has a large range of fresh and exciting meals, soups and yummy deserts. We can also cater to dietry requirements including gluten free and lactose free. There are also puree options available if required. We deliver our meals directly to our customer's doors on a weekly basis where they can be kept frozen and re-heated in the microwave when ready for consumption. Orders can be placed by calling 1800 580 580.

Yard Maintenance

We offer a yard maintenance service to those living in our community who are unable to complete these tasks on their own. Our yard maintenance service is performed by a professional mowing man and/or gardener. To access our yard maintenance service, please contac LiveBetter on 1800 580 580.

Handy Man

LiveBetter can help you with any small maintenance jobs you need done around the house. We will employ a qualified handy man to complete these jobs for you.


At LiveBetter, we can help our clients to keep their homes clean and tidy with frequent visits from a cleaner. Our cleaners can assist with tasks such as vacuuming, mopping, dusting, washing and more. To enquire about our cleaning service, contact us on 1800 580 580.

Personal Shopper

At LiveBetter, we have a team of shoppers who spend their days helping community members with their shopping. Our shoppers can head to the shops for you and pick up any items you require. Let us make shopping easy for you and have someone to do it for you. Get yourself a personal shopper today by calling 1800 580 580.


At LiveBetter, we understand that as the years go by it becomes harder for our aged community members to get around. We can provide a personalised, door-to-door service to give you the support you need. If you are frail, have a disability or are a carer, then LiveBetter's transport service can make it easier for you to get around. Call us today on 1800 580 580 to start accessing our personalised transport service.

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