Sound Massage


Sound massage with singing bowls is a scientifically proven holistic therapy  addressing the body, mind and emotions.

In this massage, the recipient remains clothed. The singing bowls are placed on the body and they vibrate by means of a soft percussion.The vibrations generated by the percussion travel into the body, through the skin, organs and bones. Because our body is about 70-75% water, it has an extraordinary sound transmission capacity. Sound and vibrations spread concentric waves giving a pleasurable cell massage. The vibrational massage and the harmonious sounds work together to create a sense of relaxation and well-being, bringing a gentle and long-lasting healing effect.


Some of the benefits Sound Massage can bring


  • Deep relaxation

  • Reduction of stress and anxiety levels

  • Reduction of blood pressure and heart rate 

  • Relief of tension and dissolution of blockages

  • Regulation of circulatory disturbances

  • Pain reduction

  • Mobility improvement

  • Alleviation of digestive problems

  • Improvement of sleep quality

  • Strengthening of the immune system

  • Improvement of emotional health 

  • Relief of worry and depression 

  • Increase of creativity and positivity

  • Quietening of the nervous system

  • Support and improvement of body perception

  • Contributes to health promotion and well-being in general: harmonization, regeneration and vitalization of body, mind, and soul