Yoga Therapy


The benefits of Yoga for body and mind are endless and, for this reason, Yoga has joined Unesco's list of intangible world heritage. Every human being is unique and so are their needs. This led us to provide special yoga classes beyond our retreats. We have yoga therapy sessions, one-on-one. Yoga Therapy is adapted for individuals, according to their life situation.


In a typical one-on-one Yoga Therapy session, you could expect:


  • A thorough inquiry into your medical history, along with your physical and mental needs

  • An analysis of your breath, posture, movement, strength and flexibility

  • Your performance on various yoga poses

  • Physical poses chosen and adapted for your needs (as well as help doing them)

  • Breathing, relaxation, and meditation practice

  • Homework! Yoga is a practice, is a philosophy, and a lifestyle. It takes regular practice and commitment to see results.